Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you are able to get a true perception of our endeavours to provide a vibrant, homely, fun and healthy environment for your children.


Dowry House Nursery

The nursery is based in a large Victorian house in Bamber Bridge, Preston near to Brownedge St Mary’s Church. The fantastic grounds are fully enclosed providing the children with a safe and challenging environment. We are very much an outdoor nursery where most of our day is spent, so be prepared for your child to be tousled, tarnished and tired at the end of each day as they benefit from the freedom of outdoor play all year round.


Inside, our nursery provides a comforting atmosphere with spacious rooms for many varied activities. Our children benefit from mature professionals who enjoy their work and are dedicated to ensuring all children are treated as individuals and look upon nursery days as a home from home.

Event days

Outdoor Learning

Here is just one example of the efforts we go to in order to utilise our facilities for enhanced child enjoyment. The Court measured the exact dimensions of Centre Court to provide an extra special experience for the children. Some of whom watched Andy Murray's Wimbledon success with their families and talked about it with teachers. We also involve coaches from different disciplines to come and work with the children. We currently provide weekly sports coaching and dance lessons as well as swimming lessons at Bamber Bridge Leisure Centre.

Sports Day

Our Dowry House Sports Day is always eagerly awaited. Often there was standing room only as so many of our wonderful families were able to attend. Our children put on brilliant displays through many different events. They collect stickers along the way and their own personal medals at the end to rapturous applause from the spectators. A number of Parents races at the end add extra spice and competitiveness. Over 160 parents attended this wonderful sporting event in 2016.

Open Evening

Every year we have a Open Evening in the Autumn Term.

This is the only time we are a 'child free' zone and parents can come and look around our setting to see the work we do. We encourage parents to have a go at activities their children experience and many leave pictures and messages for their children to see when they next attend nursery.

Parents have an opportunity to talk with their child's keyworker and look through their Learning Journeys.


Outdoor classroom

The children access this superb space to work as they would inside, but with the benefit of stunning views and natural resources immediately accessible.


Our children benefit from a highly stimulating environment and wide range of activities that ensures they are highly motivated and very eager to join in.

Physical development

We provide our children with advice on healthy eating and exercise, then opportunities to put both of these to the test. Physical Development is embedded throughout our practice and our children thrive as a result.

Main room

Our Main Room is the first thing children see on arrival. It is a welcoming environment that keeps children motivated and interested in a broad range of activities. Children access their own resources as we promote independence and free choice to facilitate learning.


Oli and Ella

"I love playing outside and collecting the eggs from the chickens and getting my hair done at the hairdressers" Ella

"I liked making cakes and then eating them after lunch!" Oli

"It's a great feeling when you can go to work knowing that your children are somewhere safe and secure, where they are happy, having fun, learning, eating good home cooked food and somewhere that they genuinely love to be" Mum and Dad, Lindsay & Ben


"When I was at nursery I really enjoyed the sports day and going up on the slide and showing everyone my medal. I liked checking for eggs from the chicken house and I enjoyed climbing the tree. I liked all my teachers, especially Shaun, he always played superheroes with me!" Henry

"Henry really enjoyed his time at Dowry House and had good relationships with all of the staff. Henry didn't like separating initially, but all of the staff worked hard to help Henry settle. I loved how the children had a great outdoor space and lots of opportunities for learning were created there. I would recommend the nursery to others!" Mum, Laura